Hello dear Russian Fans!

I'm Yadaru and i'm a loving fan from germany, i did many things for the MK-Fanbase (like scanning chapter 6-11, the extras of volume 1 and working at the scanlation-team of
MK-Scans) and i also started a site about this wonderful series.

it's www.monokuro-kitan.de

As i saw the Images i scanned and used on my Site where put up here without giving a credit and with ripping my watermarks out of the images.
i am not "anywhere on the internet", please give a clear credit when you just use images from a site which someone built up with much love.
i am NOT obliged to share anything i buy with the fanbase, but i do it. so please accept the work someone had with putting those things into the internet.
it's just a simple link you have to give.

thank you.

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