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Monokuro Kitan Record 9


Text 1: Monokuro Kitan

Text 2: The night ends, and morning comes.
Death is one step closer.

Text 3: Kusu Rinka


Kurokichi: I want to borrow the power of your Malice.

Kurokichi: This time, you understood that doing things alone was dangerous.

Kurokichi: As a fellow Malice user... / Won't you be my friend?

Text: You don't have the freedom to choose.


Kurokichi: Otori-kun...

Text 1: These eyes that

Text 2: follow you wherever you go...


Text: You can't escape from them...

Sfx bubbles: tick tock


Text 1: I haven't been sleeping well lately...

Text 2: The wound wasn't as bad as I thought...?

Text 3: Or...

Text 4: It was caused by a Malice?


Text 1: Malice...

Text 2: This belonged to me from the beginning.
It's unpleasant...but I'm certain of that...

Woman: One of your friends is here... / He wants to see you, no matter what...

Shirou: Ah...


Shirou: You want to... / see my father...Ranji? // He's not planning on visiting here for some time...

Man: You're...Otori-kun?

Shirou: Yes...

Man: Perfect timing!


Shirou: I've been to this house many times, but this is my first time meeting you. // You're only sixteen, but you seem more level-headed than I heard you were.

Shirou: Thanks...

Man: Aren't you lonely being away from your father, your only family? // I also have // a daughter the same age as you.


Man: My daughter // and I... // It's just the two of us living together...

Man: But I can't be with her that often. // Even though I know / she must be lonely...

Man: So... / When my work is done this time... // We'll always // be together...


Man: Hey, what do you think of the black clock tower in the middle of this town?

Shirou: The residents of this town are unwilling to talk about it.

Man: Because their souls will be taken by the "death god" from the rumours?

Shirou: I don't believe that. // I think that something pretending to be a "death god" // is scattering corpses around the tower.


Shirou: ...?!

Man: I'll give you... // something to help you understand the darkness in this town...


Shirou: What... / did you...


Man: Malice. // That's the general name for this. // The sensation of touching darkness, being loved by darkness, being stained by darkness. // The very intent to cause harm.

Text: What is he saying...?

Man: You can only // intervene with Malice if you possess Malice.


Man: I'd like you to... / eradicate the darkness in this town somehow... // It's impossible for me... / Impossible...

Man: So you... // I'm sorry...


Shirou: ... // Wait...

Text 1: Wait...

Text 2: To be honest, I don't care about this town. I don't want to be involved with dangerous things.

Text 3: In the end, I can only do as that man said...?

Box: Honestly...


Box: It's so bothersome...

Student 1: Did you hear? / A body was found in the usual place...

Student 2: Shh... / No...stop talking about that...

Ririko: Ah...jeez...

Maya: So...how many has she had now?

Mursakai: 6?

Ririko: I look forward to this time everyday! ♥ // I'm starving by the fourth period before lunch!


Text 1: Kagenui-kun isn't here yet...

Text 2: Otori-kun is no different from usual...

Text 3: Thinking about what happened last night alone...

Text 4: Even though I've decided to face everything to do with Malice...

Text 5: I'm still...

Text 6: confused...


Maya: Hey, Ririko. / I'm going to give you a friendly warning.

Ririko: Hmm?

Maya: Otori-kun... / The Otori family is the kind of family that produces nobles and politicians. His father is a trader that owns a lot of fancy houses... I bet he has a fiancée from a good family!

Maya: Why he goes to such an ordinary school really is a mystery!

Murasaki: Fiancée? // But he doesn't get on well with his father. / It seems they've always lived apart.

Ririko: Could it be that your dad isn't around either, Otori-kun?

Shirou: If only that were the case.


Shirou: His blood that runs through my veins... / If only I could drain it from my body...

Text 1: Maybe I got too emotional and said something careless...

Sfx bubble: uhh

Text 2: Remembering it now is kind of awkward...


Sfx bubble: slam

Ririko: I'll apologise sometime / if I have the opportunity!

Shirou: Benibana...

Sfx bubble: gulp

Sfx bubble: hiccup

Ririko: Ye... / Yes...


Shirou: There's something I want to talk about. / Get up.

Ririko: The Toybox... // Pierrot's Toybox... / That's what he said.


Ririko: Kagenui-kun said he would destroy all the Malice... // I don't really understand that... // If I can know about my father... // Then I want to.


Ririko: What about you? / You said there was something you wanted to know, right?

Text 1 The black clock tower...

Text 2 Ever since receiving Malice I've felt something sinister...

Text 3: It even has guardians...

Text 4: There must be something there...

Shirou: I'm sure I said / that I'd help you.


Ririko: ...You're so serious!

Shirou: ...Hmph.

Ririko: Or... / Are you planning something after all?

Shirou: I want to get rid of Malice because they're annoying. / That's all.

Ririko: You said that before too. // I'll get rid of // annoying things! // Was it?

Shirou: Benibana.

Ririko: Ah... // Maybe I annoyed him...


Shirou: I just... / want to do things quietly and calmly... / To deal with everything quickly and without any trouble.

Rirko: What... // do you mean by that?

Shirou: Therefore, I have no interest in associating with you unless it is necessary. / Because you are nothing more than someone who threatens my peace...


Ririko: Ah. // Ah~~~!!! // Look... / That!


Sfx bubble: beep

Sfx bubble: clatter

Ririko: Ah...

Sfx bubble: clatter

Ririko: He bought one less than he did yesterday...


Kurokichi: I'm just not a morning person... // So it was midday when I woke up.

Ririko: ...Low blood pressure?

Kurokichi: Otori-kun. // How are your injuries?

Student: Checkmate!

Shirou: So it has something to do with Malice after all.


Kurokichi: Your external injuries are all healed by Malice. Your flesh and blood... / Your life... It devours them.

Kurokichi: Please be careful. // If you overstep the line, you'll become... / just like the grave keepers...the toy soldiers...

Sfx bubble: rustle

Kurokichi: Well... / Benibana-san.


Kurokichi: Do you agree to

Sfx bubble: pop

Kurokichi: destroy the Toybox?

Ririko: But... / There's something I want to ask first... // This Malice... // Toybox...

Kurokichi: Right...

Sfx bubble: whisper

Kurokichi: The Toybox is...


Kurokichi: Kaminoshiro...


Kurokichi: ...Yes.

Ririko: Eh?! // What do you mean?!

Kurokichi: The Toybox is Kaminoshiro itself. // The power of that Malice was effective from the moment that Malice was born...

Kurokichi: Since then, Kaminoshiro has been where the toys known as Malice are played with.


Kurokichi: Just like a chessboard is necessary for placing chess pieces... // The Toybox is necessary for the Malice.

Kurokichi: At the same time, it is also a cage for the Malice. / Only the Toybox, which is the cage itself, can be taken outside Kaminoshiro...

Kurokichi: It is literally "a box for putting toys in".


Ririko: My dad... // What was he intending to do // by getting the Toybox...?

Kurokichi: Benibana-san... // The one thing I can say to you is...


Kurokichi: The Toybox originally // belonged to a man called Pierrot, referred to as "father" by the grave keepers.

Kurokichi: A Malice is one with its owner and it is only the owner who can withdraw its power. / In someone else's hands, it's an ordinary card...

Text: It belongs to Pierrot...there was no mistake about that...

Kurokichi: I'm sure the grave keepers won't be happy that someone other than Pierrot possesses the card. / The enemy of an enemy is an ally...so it's safer for us to be together.

Shirou: You know quite a lot.


Shirou: Show me your Malice.

Kurokichi: Otori-kun. / Have you thought // about what Malice are?


Kurokichi: The reason why its shape and abilities / differ greatly dependent on the owner... // Why your Malice is a Holy Lance...

Kurokichi: You should know // what Aeon / is to you.


Shirou: Stop chatting about me! // If you say anymore... // I'll kill you!


Ririko: Eh... // Umm...


Ririko: Shirou! / Kurokichi!

Shirou: Don't be so casual about calling my name! / It makes me uncomfortable.

Ririko: Wha... // It's... / It's no big deal! We're going to be working together from now on!


Kurokichi: Well... // I will call you / Ririko-san and Shirou-kun.

Ririko: Okay, okay!

Kurokichi: As a sign of our friendship...

Ririko: Thank you.

Kurokichi: Shirou-kun.


Shirou: Don't be so casual about calling my name!

Kurokichi: My Malice doesn't have a number either. // To the grave keepers, / I'm a Joker too... // Mine is...


Kurokichi: Darkness. // Just darkness...


Sign: Reading Room

Sfx bubble: slam

Box: How will Shirou react to the unwanted alliance?!

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