Please Note

Hello dear Russian Fans!

I'm Yadaru and i'm a loving fan from germany, i did many things for the MK-Fanbase (like scanning chapter 6-11, the extras of volume 1 and working at the scanlation-team of
MK-Scans) and i also started a site about this wonderful series.

it's www.monokuro-kitan.de

As i saw the Images i scanned and used on my Site where put up here without giving a credit and with ripping my watermarks out of the images.
i am not "anywhere on the internet", please give a clear credit when you just use images from a site which someone built up with much love.
i am NOT obliged to share anything i buy with the fanbase, but i do it. so please accept the work someone had with putting those things into the internet.
it's just a simple link you have to give.

thank you.

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2011-01-07 в 23:16 

Определенно, тщеславие – мой самый любимый из грехов. Он так фундаментален, самолюбие – это естественный наркотик.
Als Administrator der Community, ich wieder mich aufrichtig entschuldigen möchte für eine solche Fahrlässigkeit. Ich werde weiterhin genau überwacht werden, um sicherzustellen, dass die Teilnehmer Ressourcen, mit denen die extrahierten Informationen angezeigt. Ich verspreche, dass dies nicht wieder geschehen.

2011-01-07 в 23:41 

just back off before I snap...
я обожаю этого человечка за его сканы, скажите, что я люблю его\её... пофиг!!
и ставил кредиты когда использовал их для перевода.

THANKS U SO MUCH for the yor's scans, dear yadaru!


Monokuro Kitan